My Process

I work with a range of clients that includes actors, private individuals, professional services companies and large corporations. While every shoot is unique, each client shares the same hope: great looking photographs that deliver on a specific goal. Over the years I’ve developed a process and an approach to ensure that happens.

I’ve found that there is a common set of requirements for a successful shoot, which goes beyond mere technical photographic skills. I create a relaxed atmosphere and provide personalized and appropriate direction to each subject. A large part of that is helping clients get comfortable in front of the camera so they look and feel confident. That confidence encourages them to experiment with stance and expression to make the photograph something more than just a visual record.

I tend to be generous with my time so that people can get into the right frame of mind, and I shoot plenty of frames so there are several solid options from which to select the final images.

After the session I edit down the shoot to the best of each look then post these proofs to a private online gallery for the client to review and select the images they want. I then retouch the selections and send clients digital image files in the appropriate formats for their use.

That’s the commitment I make to each client regardless of who they are, the type of photograph they need, or the goal it is designed to achieve. Even so, making great photographs really is a team effort that relies on the commitment of everyone involved. 

To help you prepare for a photo shoot, here are some tips for your photo-shoot but I also encourage clients to call me directly for a free pre-shoot consultation.